Extra Cleaning!
Social Distancing!
Outdoor Pickup Table!

Don’t Worry, We are being extra, extra careful!

One advantage of being a small family business, all our staff are in the same isolation pod!

Never the less, we do have to go out to buy our supplies, and pick through the fruit vendors to ensure we can bring nothing but the best to our clients. So to make this all happen and keep our products safe for you, we will be spending more time cleaning, and hence have to reduce our open hours to allow us time to scrub and wipe.

Monday to Friday: 11:00am to 3:00pm
Saturday: 11:00am to 4:00pm
Sunday: Closed

This will give us longer in the morning to pick up supplies and keep our socal distancing, and more time at night to clean for the next day.

Because we are not deemed an essential service, I’m afraid we can’t open our shop door to the public yet, but we can take orders and supply the goods, by placing them on the delivery table under our awning. We also will provide FREE delivery during this time, for those that don’t wish to, or can’t, pop by to pick up.


Free delivery is limited to our immediate neighbourhoods of Stony Plain and Spruce Grove city limits, but you can call us if you live on an acerage, St. Albert or West End Edmonton, and we shall see what we can do for you.

Add the coupon: Corona  to your shopping cart, and shipping will be removed.

From your friends at Orchard Berry Arrangements, hoping everyone stays well, and smiling.